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Offer or Ask

Would you prefer to ask someone for help, or have somebody, no matter how busy they are reach out and offer without having to be asked?

After 20 weeks of a fractured foot, I finally have my cast removed. At 5am I drive myself to the local swimming pool to find a way of using my foot again without throbbing pain. My ankles are swollen and my foot inflamed so sore to walk on having the feeling of walking on egg shells and glass. My calf muscle aches as if I am cramping. Hobbling on my crutches towards the swimming pool, I am approached by the lifeguard on duty asking what happened.

After telling him he offered the following suggestions:

  • Elevate my foot when I sleep.
  • Drink lots of water – make water your best friend no matter how often you go to the toilet
  • Put a compression stocking on my foot on and off throughout the day when I am not wearing shoes
  • He taught me an exercise to stretch my calf muscles
  • When I sit down ensure my foot is elevated above my hip
  • Showed me a way to massage my calf muscle upwards towards the heart
  • Before I go to sleep to lie on the floor and put my foot and leg against the wall so the fluid drains towards the heart.

He could not understand that I was not offered any physiotherapy or assistance from any medical professions.

And as I was in the swimming pool walking and swimming laps he came up to me and suggested I wear goggles so the chlorine won’t affect my eyes. After finishing my laps, I go to approach the lifeguard to thank him and he gives me a pair of goggles. He said they were in lost and found, no one claimed them. He would like me to have them.

What a thoughtful man!

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone unexpectedly offered you a helping hand in your time of need without having to be asked?

offer or ask

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