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Teida’s Story – Life Through The Eyes Of a Dog
written by Danielle Corrie published by New Holland Publishers

A book that is for any dog lover, real, raw and revealing.

Teida’s Story is the beautiful and unique story of a Staffordshire x Red Cattle dog through her own doggy eyes.

Teida shares her story from when she was a young excited puppy, to her first six years of life with her original owner before being whisked away without warning one afternoon and dropped into the garden of Annie – a lady who had never owned a dog before, and who spends her days working from sun up, until sun down.

Teida forms a strong bond and connection with Annie, and together they grow, learn, and experience love, friendship, intuition, spirituality, faith and death on their heart-warming adventure together.

Now available through various bookstores throughout Australia.

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