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Two Native Black Birds – Sequel

Not long after seeing two yellow tailed black cockatoos in my front yard,  my local MP organises a photo competition for residents within his local electorate, being Banks. This photo competition requires entrants  to take photos of anything in the Banks electorate. The winner will be awarded with a $250 photo store voucher while the finalists will receive a printed and framed copy of their photo and certificate signed by the local MP himself.

I’ve never entered a photo competition before. Actually, being someone who takes candid photos, I wonder if any of my photos will be good enough. Despite my doubts and fears, I decide to enter.  Which photo do I submit?

“I took photos of the black and yellow tailed cockatoos that were recently in my front yard, so how about I submit one of those,” I thought to myself. A photo of a black and yellow tailed cockatoo sitting on a branch of my banksia bush is an usual subject, and is something you don’t see every day. Actually it’s a rarity.

Last week I was informed that despite there being a record number of entrants, my photo was selected as highly commended.

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