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Keeping Ahead of Your Deadlines

You come home from a busy day and suddenly realise you have a deadline to meet.

“Oh no! I still need to complete that assignment. Now when is it due?”

Flicking through the pages of your diary you notice in big writing …..








“Friday is two days away and I haven’t even started.”

Here are four ways to help you avoid that last minute rush.

  1.  Once you receive your assignment, read the question and make a start so as to give you time to clarify any point that is unclear, obtain resources to complete your assignment, and fine tune anything at the last minute.
  2. Create a ‘to do list’. Prioritise from most important tasks to least important tasks and put this list in a place that you can see every day.
  3. Avoid those interruptions that distract you from being focussed to do what is important. These can be caught up on later when you have more free time.
  4. Find a mentor  you can call upon to motivate, encourage and support you. Ask them for help to clarify anything you do not understand.

In the long term, if you can keep ahead of what you need to do and have that extra support, then your deadlines can be met on time without rushing at the last minute.



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