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Be Proactive Not Reactive

Wouldn’t it make your day if you could rely on someone to think ahead for you or take an interest in your well being?

It could be your local doctor contacting you to say that it is three months since your last visit and you need to have a follow up blood test.

Or perhaps your financial adviser sending you a report about up to date products that are more beneficial to you compared to that life insurance policy that he recommended to you all those years ago.

Recently I cancelled my trauma insurance policy and the insurance provider informed the financial adviser attached to my policy. The financial adviser contacted me asking, “Would you like me to review your insurance policy?”

Proactive customer service is a way that tells you that someone does care and takes a genuine interest in your well being without being pushy or intimidating.

Reactive customer service is when a business reacts, after you as their client, has made initial contact.

As a customer, do you prefer proactive or reactive customer service?

As a business, are you someone who is proactive maintaining regular contact with your clients?

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