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Keeping your garden clean and tidy

Like the inside of your home, your garden looks best when it is kept neat and tidy. Here are three tips to help you.

Prune & Divide

  • Prune any overgrown branches.
  • Cut back any dead or diseased branches or stems
  • Divide and transplant clumping plants
  • Prune back shrubs after flowering.

Weed and clean

  • Clear away those creepers that strangle your favourite plant.
  • Rake any fallen leaves and recycle as mulch in your garden
  • Pull out those unwanted weeds hiding your flowers and low growing shrubs
  • Watch out for those thorns or spiky branches … OUCH!







Repair and Mend

  • Clean outdoor furniture
  • Sweep your deck / patio area.
  • Give your wooden table and chairs that extra coat of paint or oil.
  • Check furniture for any repairs eg screws or bolts, wood rot
  • Repair and maintain your garden tools

No matter whether your garden is big or small, enjoy everything your garden has to offer, the birds, insects and other creatures that come to visit and allow your garden to be a place of relaxation and tranquillity.

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