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Be Proactive Not Reactive

Wouldn’t it make your day if you could rely on someone to think ahead for you or take an interest in your well being?

It could be your local doctor contacting you to say that it is three months since your last visit and you need to have a follow up blood test.

Or perhaps your financial adviser sending you a report about up to date products that are more beneficial to you compared to that life insurance policy that he recommended to you all those years ago.

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Keeping Ahead of Your Deadlines

You come home from a busy day and suddenly realise you have a deadline to meet.

“Oh no! I still need to complete that assignment. Now when is it due?”

Flicking through the pages of your diary you notice in big writing …..








“Friday is two days away and I haven’t even started.”

Here are four ways to help you avoid that last minute rush.

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Free Clutter Within Your Home

800px-Major_MessHas clutter prevented you from finding that item you need right now? It could be your car keys, an overdue library book or your mobile phone.

It starts ringing. After tripping over the toys left on the floor, you sift through papers scattered all over the coffee table. Then the phone stops ringing. Damn!

Here are five small habits one can practice every day to minimise clutter within the home:

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